(M.Sc., M.Phil., Dr. rer. Nat.)

Dr. rer. Nat. (Ph.D. Chemistry) from Univ. of Vienna, Austria.
Postdoctorate from Univ. of Bari, Italy.
 Associate Professor at Univ. of Hafr Al Batin, Saudi Arabia.
Editorial Board Member of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology - Asia.

Research Interests

Working at the interface of materials chemistry, nanoscience, and technology.
AA is involved in interdisciplinary research projects dealing with synthesis, characterization and applications of a variety of materials including molecularly imprinted and functional polymers, nanoparticles and composites for chemical sensors, biomedical diagnostics, industrial and aerospace applications. These projects also include fabrication and characterization of electronic and acoustic devices, thin films, coatings and scaffolds using multiple technologies.

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